Banner Ad Pricing

Purchasing Guidelines


Please only submit advertising for legal and decent sites / businesses.
You will be able to pay once your advertising has been approved.

Important: If the system still says you should wait for your advertising to be approved to make payment, even though you have received the approval email, try refreshing the page. It has been signalled that the advertising module (3rd party) acknowledges the new status with some delay.

PPC ads

The two PPC zones available are on the 'newsletter confirmation page' and the 'thank you page'. Now, there is no incentive for subscribers to click on these ads, which means they clicked because they have chosen to. At the same time, subscribers already showed some degree of involvement, choosing to be on the list, and for the thank you page, confirming their subscription.

Advertising for the Weekly Featured Program. Details.

Purchases have 100% priority for their first rotation (one week) compared to default ads. First come, first served rule compared to other purchases.

There are only queued spots available (no "available now" spots), because these ads are scheduled on a weekly basis, from Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59 EST.

Regarding pricing for the Weekly Featured Program Banner Ads, the three options are:
  • 1x: featured for one week, then removed

  • 3x: three passes (i.e. featured weeks), but it only has priority for the first week, then it's placed at the end of the queue until its time comes

  • unlimited: same as 3x, except it will never be removed from the queue after a fixed number of featurings

For any messages related to purchases or advertising promos for, please use this email address:

Refund Policy

AG Marketing Solutions is selling digital goods (online advertising space), so we have a non-refund policy. If you think you purchased one of our products that does not correspond to its description, contact support at the email above within 7 days of the purchase date, and on a case-by-case study, you may be reimbursed.